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In 2008 the state of Georgia created the Qualified Education Expense Tax Credit Program which provides the incredible opportunity to redirect a portion of your state tax dollars towards a scholarship fund for the private school of your choice.   Please go to and begin your registration and redirection of your tax dollars today! 

The Tax Credit Program has allocated $58 million of GA state tax dollars to be redirected to Student Scholarship Organizations for the upcoming school year. 

Individuals, married couples, and businesses can claim dollar-for-dollar tax credits on their Georgia income tax for scholarship donations made through a qualified Student Scholarship Organization (SSO), up to the following limits:

 Single Individuals:              Up to $1,000 
Married Filing Separately:   Up to $1,250 
Married Filing Jointly:          Up to $2,500 
Members of Limited Liability Corporations (LLCs), share-holders 
                       in Subchapter Corporations (S Corps), and partners in           
                       Partnerships:               Up to $10,000
Corporations: up to 75% of their Georgia income tax liability 

Next Steps: GaSSO
LCA has chosen to partner with GaSSO, Georgia Student Scholarship Organization.  Please go to and begin your registration and redirection of your tax dollars today!